Orthopaedic Centre Malta

Sanitary items for the rehabilitation

Four shops in Italy, New grand opening in Malta and  qualified and skilled staff are the key features of the The Orthopaedic Supply store in Malta owned by Emanuele Aliotta, which is a reference point for the whole region of Sicily. Orthopedic Centre Malta, was born  in 2017 by Emanuele Aliotta after earning a bachelor’s degree with honors in Orthopedic Techniques. For over eight year Orthopedic Centre Malta  follow with commitment and passion our mission: A sensible and human approach for postural problems resolution. Our main goal is develop a modern orthopedic conception through continuous investments in research and training.

The orthopaedic supply store in Malta makes ustomized orthopaedic supports upon request...


The orthopaedic supply store in Malta offers its clients a large selection of new generation rehabilitation supports...


The products sold or rented by the orthopaedic supply store in Malta include customized light orthopaedic supports...


The Center is not limited to the creation and sale of orthopedic devices...


The Centre

Our new branch  has been a reference point for those needing assistance and support for rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgeries. The skilled and qualified staff members, guided by the owner of The Orthopaedic Supply store in Malta, Emanuele Aliotta, are available for the clients and patients to provide them with the information about the best medical and orthopaedic aids to optimally and quicklyrehabilitate. The Orthopaedic Supply store in Malta is an orthopaedic lab with a large selection of posture systems, braces, corsets, orthopaedic insoles, shoes, walking supports and much more.


The Orthopedic Centre Malta is not limited to realization and sale of orthopedic devices: It’s possible to make postural screening making use of the last frontier of diagnostic medicine technology.

With the new product generation, the Formetric 4D a new milestone has been reached in the area of spine analysis. For the first time it is possible to measure the spine & posture while the patient is walking.

Where we are

Triq Mimosa
Gwardamanġia (PTA 1045), Malta
Tel. +35621242355