The Orthopedic Centre Malta is not limited to realization and sale of orthopedic devices: It’s possible to make postural screening making use of the last frontier of diagnostic medicine technology.


With the new product generation, the Formetric 4D a new milestone has been reached in the area of spine analysis. For the first time it is possible to measure the spine & posture while the patient is walking.

Clinical Applications:

  • Scoliosis & scoliotic malposition
  • Leg length discrepancies 
  • Pelvic obliquity / rotation / torsion 
  • Posture-related pain symptoms 
  • Posture variances 
  • Hyper -/Hypo-Lordosis/-Kyphosis 
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Athrosis 
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction
  • Vertebral blockages 
  • Neurologic symptoms
  • Muscle de cits/imbalances  and many more

Baropodometric test is very common used by doctors ,orthopedic traumatology specialized, sports medicine and orthopedics technicians. It’s a new technology in the non-invasive medicine field and it’s possible diagnose several pathologies such as: flat feet, claw-foot, diabetic foot, equine foot.
The foot pressure recording and gait analysis system the test, allows the pressure distribution on the human foot to be captured and displayed quickly and precisely, while standing or while walking.The test show information on the pressure between the foot’s surface and the land, assess in scrutinized way the step.

Many clinical issues concerning the objective and quantitative analysis of pressure distribution, pressure peaks, and asymmetries movement as well as the rollover behavior are recorded to help diagnose foot malformations or functional limitations of the lower extremities.The direction of travel can be set in the software along one axis to allow for time-saving dynamic measurements in two directions.The high-frequency measurement of the body’s centre of gravity provides additional information about neurological issues and extends the range of application to sports.

The test develop in two phases: – Dynamic Analysis:The patient walks barefoot on the platform, the pressure permit to verify the weight movement during the walk. – Static Analysis:The patient standing on the platform. In phase we identify the body’s centre of gravity and analyzed the foot’s surface.