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“From a decade of experience and an innovative franchising system, Orthopedic.Lab is the brand that distinguishes the chain of orthopedic shops born from the experience of Dr. Emanuele Aliotta who in 2009 opened an orthopedic workshop in Gela (CL) with the sign” Aliotta Orthopedic Center “after having obtained the Degree in Orthopedic Techniques at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome. Over the years, another 5 orthopedic shops were born in Sicily and the first abroad, in Malta, all assisted centrally by Gela workshop. Also in 2018 the franchising system called “Orthopedic.Lab by Aliotta” was born to identify the network of orthopedic centers that will be born in Italy and abroad.

"The mission of the Orthopeadic.Lab centers"

The Orthopedic.Lab centers pursue the Mission of Dr. Aliotta with professionalism, commitment and passion: “the complete achievement of autonomy in order to facilitate private and social life, with a sensitive and human approach aimed at resolving postural problems and walking “. The goal of Orthopedic.Lab centers is therefore to best follow patients through dedicated assistance in real time and continuous monitoring, thus developing a modern concept of orthopedics through continuous investments in research and training.

"The strengths of the collaboration"

Years of experience in the field of rehabilitation medicine make “Orthpeadic.Lab by Aliotta” centers of reference for all those who need the use of orthopedic and medical devices to recover from orthopedic and surgical interventions. The centers offer state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, and the expertise acquired over the years in the sector allows the creation of specific equipment and customized supports. A team of expert Orthopedic Technicians is always available and at the service of Affiliates and Customers to meet every need and offer valuable advice on the purchase of orthopedic and medical devices, guaranteeing the creation of customized and personalized health and orthopedic products based on requests. of the client and treating doctors.

"The Affiliated Orthopedic.Lab Center"

The affiliated restaurant is a welcoming facility with a large sales area where products are displayed, a reception for customer reception and a waiting area. Adjacent and communicating there is an outpatient clinic for reserved visits. From the headquarters, located in Gela, the activities of all our technicians are coordinated, who carefully assist the Affiliates and their Patients throughout the implementation process from the measurement of the device to delivery. All centers are affiliated with Asp and Inail, it is therefore possible to request the facilities affiliated with the National Health System, becoming an important reference point for information on obtaining procedures. Each individual center is in fact a point of reference for those who need assistance and advice in purchasing orthopedic devices, health items, walking aids. After the diagnosis, we offer personalized and continuous assistance that guarantees the patient complete monitoring of the disease by creating aids for its treatment. Making the customer satisfied and providing adequate solutions to any type of problem: all this is made possible not only by the experience accumulated over the years, but also by the use of state-of-the-art equipment and guaranteed and quality technical and professional support. Orthopedic.Lab centers can create customized and customized orthopedic items and aids: modern equipment and machinery are used for the creation of prostheses for the upper and lower limbs.


All centers are affiliated with Asp and Inail, it is therefore possible to request the facilities affiliated with the National Health System becoming an important reference point for information on obtaining procedures.


Help and continuous technical and commercial support in the start-up and for the entire life cycle of the business. Marketing and merchandising support and coordination for the management of the point of sale and for local and national, traditional and online campaigns.


Our centers offer state-of-the-art solutions and equipment that are available to our customers. Contact us without obligation.


The Aliotta Orthopedic Center and the Malta Orthopedic Center have decades of experience in the sector. Reliability and quality at the same time.

"The Affiliated Orthopedic.Lab Center"

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