Neck Pain? Here are some remedies!

It happened more or less to all, in a day of great tension, to feel a feeling of stiffness at the base of the head that leads us instinctively to bend it to try to relax the neck muscles. These signals are evidence that the inflamed cervical affects many people, each with their own symptoms and pains that tend to worsen with the arrival of cold.

The first remedy to combat inflammation of the cervical is prevention. Some risk factors, such as advancing age, cannot be avoided, but there are others on which you can intervene, following some indications as simple as effective.

Pay attention to your posture: maintaining a correct posture helps to keep away cervical problems. This is especially important for those people who are forced to stand or sit for a long time, always in the same position. The right posture is fundamental even while you are sleeping, so you should always use a suitable pillow such as the cervical pillow, a device useful to relieve neck and shoulder pain due to bad postures during sleep.

Cold can cause involuntary stiffening of the cervical muscles and, in winter, cervical pain and inflammation of the cervical area tend to be more frequent and annoying.

What should be done to prevent and combat cervical inflammation in the colder months?
An effective solution is the thermophorus, a very practical and easy to use device that can mainly relieve muscle or cervical pain through the therapy of hot-cold, even at home. The cervical thermophorus has an effective warming action on the neck and shoulder area providing immediate relief to all those suffering from stiff neck or contractures in this area, also due to prolonged use of the computer or mobile phone.

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