For over 10 years, the Aliotta Orthopedic Center has been pursuing our Mission with professionalism, commitment and passion: a sensitive and human approach aimed at solving postural and walking problems. Our goal is therefore to better follow patients through dedicated assistance in real time and continuous monitoring even after delivery, trying to develop a modern concept of orthopedics through continuous investments in research and training.

The orthopaedic supply store in Malta makes customized orthopaedic supports upon request. The qualified staff of professional orthopaedists makes this type of supports with the help of modern generation machines


The orthopaedic supply store in Malta offers its clients a large selection of new generation rehabilitation supports and aids. Furthermore, the staff is available to offer avant-garde solutions to treat posture disturbs.


The products sold or rented by the orthopaedic supply store in Malta include customized light orthopaedic supports made with quality material. Furthermore, technical assistance and a home delivery service are availablein addition to pay in instalments.


The Center is not limited to the creation and sale of orthopedic devices. It is in fact possible, perform postural screening that represent the last frontier of diagnostic medicine for the monitoring of scoliosis or to evaluate abnormalities of gait.