Rehabilitation supports in Malta


Orthopaedic Centre Malta boasts many years of experience in manufacturing and selling rehabilitation supports in Malta.
The orthopaedic lab by Emanuele Aliotta offers a large selection of rehabilitation supports in Malta and in the other four specialized stores in Italy.

The specialized, qualified and skilled staff of Orthopaedic Centre Malta is completely available to offer qualified assistance to choose the rehabilitation supports in Malta and to give precious advice for specific equipment for orthopaedic traumas.

The store aims to meet every need of the clients and to provide them with the right solution for every problem: all this is possible thanks to the experience gained by the staff over the years, the avant-garde equipment and the quality and guaranteed professional and technical supports.
A sensitive approach towards the problems of the patients makes the orthopaedic supply store one of the most famous stores in the area and in Sicily.

The staff is specialized in rehabilitation supports in Malta, with special attention to posture dysfunctions. 

In the shop the clients may find a large assortment of new generation supports, made by experts with modern techniques and avant-garde machines. 

The items offered by the store include:

  • Therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment
  • Chairs and wheelchairs for the disabled
  • Orthopaedic wheelchairs
  • Posture systems
  • Walking aids
  • Aids for Incontinence
  • Assistive breathing aids
  • Computer aids for the disabled and eye pointers.

Wheelchair users have many needs and the requirements are great. We want to make them mobile, looking for safety and comfort. The expert high quality materials and workmanship provide us guidelines to select the aids. 

A wheelchair must meet the user’s individual needs and environmental conditions, provide postural support, and be safe and durable. It’s a device providing wheeled mobility and seating support for a patients with difficulty in walking or moving around. Wheelchair provision can only enhance a wheelchair user’s quality of life if all parts of the process are working well.

Very important for the users is the choice of wheelchair of an appropriate design; a wheelchair produced with appropriate standards; the assistance for selecting and being fitted with a wheelchair, provide training in its use and maintenance and ensure follow-up and repaire services.