The most practiced sports: not just soccer and swimming at the top.

Practicing sports is an effective way to stay fit and healthy. In Italy, we have a great sporting tradition, thanks in part to numerous athletes in various disciplines who captivate us, inspiring many young people to engage and participate in these sports. While soccer remains the most followed and practiced sport in Italy, many other sports have gained popularity; let’s explore some of them.


Soccer has been and will continue to be the most followed and practiced sport by Italians. From organizing a friendly match among friends to creating and participating in real tournaments, Italians always seek to engage in this sport in any available form. Playing soccer provides direct employment to numerous individuals, from the players themselves to the hosting facilities and companies that manufacture soccer equipment, and much more! Some are more passionate about watching soccer rather than playing, never missing a match in the top league on television or at the stadium.

Basketball and Volleyball

Basketball is increasingly capturing the hearts of Italians and is on the podium alongside soccer, thanks in part to many Italian talents who have succeeded in the American NBA. Volleyball, a sport born centuries ago, is also one of the most practiced sports in Italy, both for women and men.


Italy has always been known for its passionate and dedicated fans of tennis. Over the years, professional athletes have given us immense satisfaction in tournaments and events, making us unique on a global scale. The large number of practitioners in Italy is also due to the significant number of facilities and structures that allow everyone interested to enjoy this sport to the fullest.


Considered the most complete and healthy sport, accessible to everyone and for all seasons. Unlike other sports, swimming doesn’t focus only on specific joints but distributes movement evenly throughout the body, engaging muscles that are not typically involved in other sports, such as the neck or back. A sport for all age groups!


A discipline primarily practiced in winter but also in summer on our magnificent glaciers, skiing has attracted a large audience for many years, both among adults and children. It consistently enjoys considerable success at both amateur and more competitive levels.


Many cycling competitions, such as the well-known Giro d’Italia, the Milan-Sanremo race, the Tour of Lombardy, and many others, always attract a large number of enthusiasts and amateur cyclists. There are three main disciplines for competing: track cycling, cyclocross, and road cycling, probably the most known and practiced.

Cyclists out racing along country lanes in the mountains in the United Kingdom.

Track and Field

Track and field, with a particular focus on running, is also among the most practiced sports in Italy, registering a significant increase in enthusiasts in recent years.

And what sports do you practice?